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By Gail Mumford posted 09-10-2018 19:04

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How many days does it really take to form a habit? The question is similar to that eternal question asked in the 1970s: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Some suggest three licks others consider 300 or more. I bite into the center of my Tootsie Pops rather quickly.

How long does it take for habits to form? Some suggest 21 days to form a habit, others suggest 21 days. I do not know and unfortunately the answer is not simple. What I do know is if we don’t start somewhere we’ll likely get nowhere fast.

Knowing this, I am inviting you to join alumni of the JDAI Applied Leadership Network and JDAI site coordinators (the Challenge Design Team) in a 21-day Equity Habit Building Challenge. The challenge begins September 10, 2018 and will be launched via

You may wonder what the challenge is all about. The 21-day Equity Habit Building Challenge was originally developed by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and Debby Irving. The challenge design team convened in the spring to explore and modify the challenge for juvenile justice stakeholders and others with vested interests in the future of children. And so, for 21 work days you are invited to do at least one action every day to further your understanding of power, privilege, oppression and equity and then make changes that are essential to advance equity.

Whether you are entering the race and equity conversation or have a demonstrated history of championing equity causes, join the challenge. Every day of the challenge we invite you to log into JDAIconnect, watch the opening video and click the calendar link to access the daily activity and accompanying reflection questions.

To get the most out of this challenge, be an active participant. Take time each day to share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of each daily activity page, as well as in the discussion boards specially dedicated to challenge topics. If you miss a day, pick up where you left off by completing multiple activities in one day or extending your challenge. There will be discussions, videos, webinars, activities, daily recaps and more. For each activity, consider how the activity and discussions impact you as a person and prompt you to pursue change in your role at home, work and the systems for which you live, serve and work.

The Challenge Design Team and I are under no illusion that 21 days is sufficient to undo the history of racial injustice in our country. However, with knowledge, practice and commitment, sustainable progress and change is possible. Again, you are invited into our virtual living room — JDAIconnect, the place where conversation, inspiration, sharing and new strategies begin. This space is your space and your full participation is encouraged. Even if you previously read the links, watched the clips or completed one of the exercises, join us as part of the community taking the Challenge. In this space, reflections, ideas, ahas, comments and feedback are encouraged. This work is not easy, but it is necessary for a better future for our children, families and communities.

Lean in, join the challenge. Register at 21-Day Equity Habit-Building Challenge | Register and Join to join the community of participants. If someone needs to join JDAIconnect for the first time, go to and create an account on Casey's Community Cafe; once they're a member, select the yellow button to join marked "Join JDAIconnect." A bit of effort is required to join JDAIconnect however, the richness in the community is well worth the effort. We can accelerate our move toward equity.

Share a Tootsie Pop and Join the Challenge.

Gail D