2019 - The Year of PI-Con

By Wendy Shang posted 11-29-2018 12:27


2019 is not an Olympic year or a major election year, but here at PJI, it’s our year with a major event! 2019 is the year of our second Pretrial Innovators Convention, better known as PI-Con. The two-day event kicks off on March 14 (because it’s PI day, of course), in Denver, Colorado, and we want you there! Our motto for PI-Con is, Come break a few eggs. In other words, let’s take chances and get out of our comfort zones.

Let’s be clear that we said convention, not conference. Conferences involve a lot of sitting, trying not to spill coffee on the person next to you, listening, and one-way information flow—the “good stuff” usually happens during breaks and evenings. At PI-Con, you’ll be part of the action all day, developing solutions to major issues, honing your skills, and challenging yourself to tackle the tough questions in pretrial justice. We barely let you sit down!

If you attended our inaugural PI-Con in 2017, you’ll see some of the formats you loved. You’ll tackle tough issues in if you take a seat at our Roundtables, hear unique perspectives in Voices, and engage in next-level thinking in our TED-talk style UP Incubator. You’ll be in the courtroom in our Innovation Simulation, and focus on practical strategies from leading practitioners in Action Labs. At the same time, you’ll also enjoy some new experiences: Tech Theatre, Eggheads (appointments with our experts for specific problem solving), and Creative Communications, just to name a few.

PI-Con is a professional, creative, forward-looking space that allows every person to be an architect in the movement to improve pretrial justice. There will be plenty to learn at PI-Con, of course. We expect, however, that attendees will create at least as much as they receive. The atmosphere will be casual (athletic shoes are the required footwear), and we’ll have fun, but we’ll send you home ready and recharged to take on this serious work.

If you are wondering if you should attend PI-Con, the question is simple: Are you reading this?  If you are, you should come, in whatever capacity you work in: judges, prosecutors, defenders, pretrial professionals, elected officials, sheriffs, law enforcement, community organizers, victims service providers, civil rights advocates. Get ready to meet your kin. PI-Con will help you recognize, seize, and create opportunities to advance pretrial justice at home.

We look forward to seeing you there.