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Public Safety Assessment

Developing a National Model for Pretrial Risk Assessment - LJAF 2013 The Public Safety Assessment: A Re-Validation and Assessment of Predictive Utility and Differential Prediction by Race and Gender in Kentucky - DeMichele et al. 2018 PSA Risk Factors and Formula - Laura and John Arnold Foundation 2016 The Public Safety Assessment (PSA) Infographic - Arnold Foundation 2016 Pretrial Risk Assessment: Improving Public Safety and Fairness in Pretrial Decision Making Results from the First Six Months of the Public Safety Assessment – Court in Kentucky - LJAF 2014 Using Research to Improve Pretrial Justice and Public Safety: Results from PSA’s Risk Assessment Validation Project - 2013

Pretrial Risk Assessment (PTRA) U.S. Office of Pretrial and Probation Services

The Re-validation of the Federal Pretrial Services Risk Assessment (PTRA) - Federal Probation 2012 Implementing Risk Assessment in the Federal Pretrial Services System - Federal Probation 2011 Pretrial Risk Assessment in the Federal Court - Luminosity 2009 The Development of an Actuarial Risk Assessment Instrument for U.S. Pretrial Services - 2009

Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (VPRAI)

Race and Gender Neutral Pretrial Risk Assessment, Release Recommendations, and Supervision: VPRAI and Praxis Revised - Luminosity 2016 Risk Based Pretrial Release Recommendation & Supervision Guidelines - Luminosity 2015 Pretrial Risk Assessment in Virginia - Luminosity 2009 VPRAI Instruction Manual Version 1.2. 2009. Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Assessing Risk Among Pretrial Defendants in Virginia: The Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument. 2003. Richmond: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Other Tool Studies

Adult Pretrial Scale Validation. 2015. Fourth Judicial District/Hennepin County Santa Clara Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument Report - PJI 2012 Validation of the Coconino County Pretrial Risk Assessment Tool - PJI 2010 The Colorado Pretrial Assessment Tool (CPAT) Florida Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument - JFA Institute 2012 Development of the Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment System - Austin & Allen 2016 Development of a Validated Pretrial Risk Assessment Tool for Lee County, Florida - PJI 2011 Kentucky Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument Validation - JFA 2010 Indiana Risk Assessment System - 2010

Pretrial Assessment

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