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In criminal law, bail is the...court appearance. “Bail” is...field, primarily because bail has into the process of bail has since...“bail” have also been joined in

Money Bail

for describing bail or a bail bond using...central issues concerning money bail are: (1

Excessive Bail

describe bail that is unconstitutional pursuant...“Excessive bail shall not be required...Excessive Bail Clause derives from reforms made...high money bail to thwart the purpose of

Bail Bond

public safety protections. Bail bonds all bail bonds are minimally...reflect the purpose of bail, which is to...promise, and “bail bond” as &ldquo

Bail Bondsman

compensated surety, a bail bondsman is one who...appear for court. Bail bondsmen are typically...For their services, bail bondsmen charge

Bail Schedule

see Money Bail Bond Schedule

Monetary Bail Bond Schedule (or Bail Schedule)

money to be used in bail setting based on...many argue that bail schedules are the...antithesis of individualized bail determinations...-discretionary bail amounts and found them legally

Replace Cash Bail Events

- Pretrial Justice Without Money Bail When...the use of money bail. Register here

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Mama’s Bail Out

bail. Many care for families that must...Bail Out Day , a coordinated effort...jail unconvicted. The Bail Out is...modeled after community bail funds that bail for community members at no

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Right to Bail

bail process. Technically, it is typically...the “right to non-excessive bail...bail clause, but that right is contained in...right to bail clauses, even if that right

Individualized Bail Determination

administration of bail that each defendant poses his...It presupposes that the fixing of bail...indictment alone a need for bail in an unusually...“[s]ince the function of bail is

Money Bail System

money or financial bail system, which...bail that is over-reliant on money. Some of...its hallmarks include monetary bail bond...bail bondsmen), financial conditions set

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Bail Fail - JPI 2012

bail and its negative impact on the...this report include a history of money bail...recommendations to money bail. #ResearchData

Bail Fail - JPI 2012.pdf

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Toward an Optimal Bail System

for designing a better bail system. The...toward a bail system that maximizes social

Toward an Optimal Bail System - Yang .pdf

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Mama's Day Bail Out, 2018

The National Bail Out collective, bail out as many Black mothers and...saw more than 200 people bailed out, working on direct bail out actions...bail and make a difference in their

Bail Reform Act of 1984

The Act that amended the 1966 Bail

Bail Reform Act of 1966

federal bail system since the Judiciary Act...) restrictions on money bail bonds, which the court...’s appearance; (4) a deposit money bail...10% deposit of the money bail bond amount

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Race and Bail Bibliography - PJI

resources regarding race and bail in pretrial

Race and Bail Bibliography - PJI.pdf

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Bailing on Baltimore - JPI 2012

bail system and for the profit bail bonding...of discrimination and the bail bond...industry, how the bail bond industry undermines

Bailing on Baltimore - JPI 2012.pdf