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Making Good Sausage: Getting the Ingredients Right for Deflection & Pre-Arrest Diversion Legislation

deflection legislation. This webinar will present

 10-31-2018 | 14:00 - 15:30 ET

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"Give Us Free": Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations - Legislation and Public Policy 2014

This article argues that the bail determination process is a racially unbalanced system due to lack of resources, information, and uniformity along with the improper considerations of the defendants’ race and financial status. This has led to racial disparities as well as jail overcrowding in...

Give Us Free-Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations - Legislation and Public Policy 2014.pdf

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United States Constitution

and its Amendments. #Legislation #Bail

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Focus Search - legislation. AMENDMENT XIV. 6 SECTION. 1. All

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Understanding SB10: What the New Law May Mean for Californians

historic SB10 legislation has sent a law. #Legislation

Understanding SB10 - PJI 2018.pdf

Pretrial World Tour

on pretrial legislation, litigation

 11-14-2017 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET

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Bail Reform in New York: Legislative Provisions and Implications for New York City - CCI 2019

sweeping criminal justice reform legislation

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Focus Search - justice reform legislation that eliminates

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Alaska Pretrial Reforms

law research-driven legislation that aims...legislation and introduced as Senate Bill 91... #ResearchData #Legislation #LawEnforcementJails

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Focus Search - comprehensive justice reform legislation in 2016

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Discovery Reform in New York - CCI 2019

justice reform legislation, including

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Focus Search - sweeping criminal justice reform legislation