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to a pretrial services agency or program...or to pretrial services supervision

Pretrial Supervision

to supervision by a pretrial services...likely never “pretrial custody during the pretrial phase of often rephrased as “pretrial

Pretrial Justice

Pretrial Services Charter for Excellence, is as...Emeritus of the Pretrial Justice Institute...pretrial justice involves the proper...pretrial policies and practices for &ldquo

Pretrial Services Agency or Program

While widely varying, a agency or program is generally known...perform the three primary pretrial agency or...pretrial phase of their cases in order to

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Pretrial Reform in Kentucky - Kentucky Pretrial Services 2013

This document outlines the a detailed overview of in Kentucky with the second part

Pretrial Reform in Kentucky - Kentucky Pretrial Services 2013.pdf

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Technology and Pretrial Services - Federal Probation 1993

in pretrial services in the past, present...defendants, and assist pretrial service...lists four major functions of - gather data quickly, analyze data

Technology and Pretrial Services - Federal Probation 1993.pdf

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Survey of Pretrial Services Programs - PJI 2009

Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA...The Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI...) conducted a survey of random pretrial release...that survey. The Pretrial Justice

Survey of Pretrial Services Programs- PJI 2009.pdf

Pretrial Risk Assessment

Pretrial Services Agencies and the American Bar...The method by which a program/agency or individual...identifies and categorizes risks of pretrial

Pretrial Bill Tracking Database

diversion programs, pretrial services, and...pretrial policy bill tracking database. You can

 02-15-2018 | 15:00 - 16:00 ET

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Alaska Pretrial Reforms

- Comprehensive Law Improves Pretrial, Sentencing, and...pretrial, sentencing, and corrections reforms...million of that in victims’ services and...Alaska’s pretrial, sentencing, and corrections

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Focus Search - Pretrial Librarian

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Pride in Pretrial?

their roots in pretrial. In the 1960s...peers and service providers.” Money bail...jail pretrial because they could not afford...Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) of the

National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (“NAPSA”) Standards on Pretrial Release

practices for operating pretrial services...association for the pretrial release and pretrial...Pretrial Release serve as best practice

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Mesa County Pretrial SMART Praxis - Pretrial Stakeholder Group 2013

This is Mesa County’s Supervision Matrix Assessment & Recommendation Tool (SMART) Praxis. It displays the different CPAT categories, supervision levels, and provides additional information and guidelines on how to use it. #RiskManagementandSupervision #PretrialServicesAgencies

Mesa County Pretrial SMART Praxis - Pretrial Stakeholder Group 2013.pdf

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Sonoma County Pretrial Services Program 2018 Annual Report

Sonoma County’s Pretrial Services...outcomes on key pretrial justice measures...including: average population on pretrial...pretrial release; median length of stay on

Pretrial-Annual-Report-2018-Final-REVISED-20191015-rem (1).pdf