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Unequal Treatment: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Miami-Dade Criminal Justice - ACLU Florida Greater Miami 2018

examines individual and neighborhood racial and...justice system including: arrest, bond and...racial and ethnic disparities at each of...-Dade County’s criminal justice system

Unequal Treatment- Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Miami-Dade Criminal Justice - ACLU Florida 2018.PDF

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A Racial Equity Transformation: PJI's Rationale July 2019

racial justice. The Pretrial Justice...Institute (PJI) is centering racial justice as...There is no pretrial justice to advance pretrial justice in order

PJI’s Racial Equity Transformation Rationale - PJI 2019.pdf

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Pretrial Justice Bibliography - PJI 2014

) is centering racial justice as the...The Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI...advance pretrial justice in order to end mass

Pretrial Justice Bibliography - PJI 2014.pdf

Beyond the Algorithm: Pretrial Reform, Risk Assessment, and Racial Fairness

issues in criminal justice reform. To

 08-06-2019 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Pretrial Risk Assessment: Perpetuating or Disrupting Racial Bias?

Addressing bias in risk assessment is critical to safe, fair, and effective pretrial systems. On this webcast, Dr. Marie VanNostrand discusses strategies for building risk assessments without race and gender bias, and recent revisions to the popular Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument...

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This Ain't Justice - PJI 2019

justice practices and policies that erode...justice

This Ain't Justice - PJI 2019.pdf

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Racial Bias in Bail Decisions - Arnold, Dobbie & Yang 2018

identifying racial bias in bail decisions. The...racial bias, which posits that if bail...against black defendants and that racial bias

Racial Bias in Bail Decisions - Arnold, Dobbie & Yang 2018.pdf

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Idaho Blueprint for Smart Justice - ACLU 2020

The ACLU’s Campaign for Smart Justice...half and reduce racial disparities in...populations, state budgets, and the racial...the Idaho Blueprint for Smart Justice

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Another Commonsense Solution: Improving Procedural Justice

disproportionately represented in criminal justice...relevance to our understanding of our justice... Fairness in the criminal justice system: What’s...expressed concern about a lack of racial

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Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities: A NON-COMPREHENSIVE Checklist (W. Haywood Burns Institute) 2019

overrepresentation of people of color in the justice...system. The racial and ethnic disparities...that exist in the justice system today are

WHBI - NON-COMPREHENSIVE Racial and Ethnic Disparities Checklist.pdf

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After Cash Bail: A Framework for Reimagining Pretrial Justice

racial and ethnic disparities; and investing

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Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Multnomah County - Burns Institute and SJC 2019

racial and ethnic disparities at key justice...through MacArthur’s Safety and reduce racial and ethnic disparities...most impacted by the criminal justice

Multnomah_R.E.D. Analysis 2019_Final November 19 2019 (1).pdf

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Blueprint for Smart Justice Hawai‘i - ACLU, 2019

Blueprint for Smart Justice Hawai’i...are in pretrial justice status and money