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Smarter Pretrial Solutions: Procedural Justice - PJI 2019

improve pretrial justice practices, plus an up...Pretrial Diversion Project’s efforts to

Smarter Pretrial Solutions_ Procedural Justice - PJI 2019.pdf

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Smart Pretrial Competitive Solicitation for Technical Assistance

justice system through the Smart Pretrial...initiative.The goal of this Smart Pretrial Initiative...The Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI...enhance the quality of the local pretrial

Smart Pretrial Competitive Solicitation for Technical Assistance.pdf

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Advancing Smart Pretrial: My Remarks from the Smart Suite Summit

on the Smart Pretrial Demonstration...experience, before Smart Pretrial and now, is...But for us in Smart Pretrial, we also

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Outcomes from the Smart Pretrial Initiative - PJI 2017

Pretrial to its Smart Suite of programs in 2014...phase, “3 Ms of Smart Pretrial” emphasized...Bureau of Justice Assistance added included the pretrial phase as part of

Outcomes of the Smart Pretrial Initiative- PJI 2017.pdf


to a pretrial services agency or program...or to pretrial services supervision

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Top Takeaways from Smart Pretrial in Yakima County, Washington - PJI 2018

participation in the Smart Pretrial initiative, a...county officials applied the Smart Pretrial...Justice Assistance and managed the Pretrial...pretrial practices or the requisite supporting

Top Takeaways from Smart Pretrial in Yakima County, WA- PJI 2018.pdf

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New Online Course to Help Law Enforcement Leaders Support Safe, Smart Pretrial Decisions

guidelines for pretrial release can create...pretrial decisions beyond what happens at the...pre-arrest, pre-booking, and pretrial...IACP’s Pretrial Justice Initiative is...pleased to partner with the Pretrial Justice

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What is YOUR Pretrial Message?

University of Pretrial, which means we will be...effectively about pretrial justice. In addition...election—and their positions on pretrial...develop smarter and more equitable justice

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Alaska's Pretrial Transformation - CJI 2018

Alaska’s new pretrial system limits...pretrial failure in release decisions. A...pretrial risk assessment provides judges with...and determining pretrial supervision

Alaska's Pretrial Transformation - CJI 2018.pdf

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Blueprint for Smart Justice Hawai‘i - ACLU, 2019

Blueprint for Smart Justice Hawai’i...are in pretrial justice status and money...), the report includes pretrial reforms as...— and limit pretrial detention to the rare


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Partnership in Pretrial Justice - IACP 2016

A Law Enforcement Leader's Guide to Understanding and Engaging in Meaningful Front-End Justice System Change. This Toolkit offers information and resources to help law enforcement leaders form partnerships, support policies and practices to improve justice outcomes for all stakeholders, and keep...

Partnership in Pretrial Justice - IACP 2016.pdf

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Idaho Blueprint for Smart Justice - ACLU 2020

The ACLU’s Campaign for Smart Justice...the Idaho Blueprint for Smart Justice

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Maryland Attorney General Opinion on Pretrial Detention

of Delegates regarding pretrial detention...pretrial release. Although it is less clear...judicial officer determines that pretrial...detain the defendant.Conditions of violates due process. If pretrial

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Focus Search - Pretrial Librarian

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A Framework for Pretrial Justice: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency - NIC 2017

Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA...)—commissioned the Pretrial Executives Network (PEN...pretrial justice systems. PEN members...developed within the pretrial field over many

A Framework for Pretrial Justice - NIC 2017.pdf

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Respect and Dignity: A Critical Component of Pretrial Justice

Smarter Pretrial training and technical...pretrial processes that reflect anything but...prejudices. The San Francisco Pretrial...Diversion Project (SF Pretrial) selected

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Where Pretrial Improvements are Happening Compilation - PJI 2018

Where Pretrial Improvements are...Happening was a quarterly update of pretrial

Where Pretrial Improvements are Happening-PJI 2018.pdf