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Signed 3DaysCount Resolution - Orange County, NC 2018

This is a resolution signed on April 17th, 2018, by the Chair of the Orange County, North Carolina, Board of Commissioners in support of 3DaysCount. It strongly urges North Carolina's state-level stakeholders and government leaders to apply to join PJI's 3DaysCount Initiative. ‚Äč #3DaysCount

Signed 3DaysCount Resolution - Orange County, NC 2018.pdf

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3DaysCount Resolution - PJI 2018

This Word document is PJI's template for the 3DaysCount Resolution. Local organizations or governments can demonstrate their support for moving away from cash bail in their jurisdictions by endorsing this document and submitting it to . #3DaysCount

3DaysCount Resolution - PJI 2018.docx

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New Hampshire Joins 3DaysCount

We are excited to announce that on March 19th, 2018, the state of New Hampshire joined Gu am, Illinois, Connecticut and Washington in becoming a member of PJI's national 3DaysCount campaign . Please see the link below to the news release from New Hampshire's Judicial Branch....

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Key Features of Holistic Pretrial Justice Statutes and Court Rules - PJI 2016

This report explores aspects of statutes and laws that may help or hinder achieving the three goals of the 3DaysCount campaign: reducing unnecessary arrests that destabilize families and communities; replacing discriminatory cash bail with practical, risk-based decision making; and restricting...

Key Features of Holistic Pretrial Justice Statutes and Court Rules - PJI 2016.pdf

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Voters Want 3DaysCount Solutions - PJI 2017

The 3DaysCount campaign works to change the pretrial justice system challenges that affect the defendants, the community, and public resources. These solutions offer the public a new standard to pretrial justice, and this document provides an overview of those solutions. #3DaysCount

Voters Want 3DaysCount Solutions .pdf