According to the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies’ Performance Standards and Goals for Pretrial Diversion/Intervention, pretrial diversion/intervention is “a voluntary option which provides alternative criminal case processing for a defendant charged with a crime that ideally, upon successful completion of an individualized program plan, results in a dismissal of the charge(s).” The purpose of such a program is to “enhance justice and public safety through addressing the root cause of the arrest provoking behaviors of the defendant, reducing the stigma which accompanies a record of conviction, restoring victims and assisting with the conservation of court and criminal justice resources.”* The Pretrial Justice Institute’s website contains links to a variety of publications related to this topic.**

*See Performance Standards and Goals for Pretrial Diversion/Intervention (2008) at http://www.napsa.org/publications/diversion_intervention_standards_2008.pdf.
**See at http://www.pretrial.org/DiversionPrograms/Pages/default.aspx.

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