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Ad Hoc Committee on Bail and Pretrial Services- Report and Recommendations - Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission 2017 

03-28-2017 18:49

The Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission, in an effort to ensure that Ohio is holding people for the right reasons prior to trial, formed an Ad Hoc Committee on Bail and Pretrial Services to determine the current situation in Ohio and to make recommendations that will maximize appropriate placement for defendants, protect the presumption of innocence, maximize appearance at court hearings, and maximize public safety. This report contains the Committee's recommendations to reform and create a system of pretrial justice that maximizes appearance, release and appropriate placement, preserves public safety, protects the presumption of innocence, and achieves efficiencies and consistency in Ohio’s pretrial system while decreasing the reliance on monetary bail as the primary release mechanism. In March of 2018, the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission released an addendum to the report, which is included herein as well. 

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