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01-05-2018 09:25

Alaska's Criminal Justice Reforms- Comprehensive Law Improves Pretrial, Sentencing, and Corrections Policies - Pew 2016

On July 11, 2016, Alaska Governor Bill Walker (I) signed into law research-driven legislation that aims to deliver a greater public safety return on the state’s spending. The Alaska Criminal Justice Commission, an interbranch task force of state and local officials and practitioners, developed the policy foundations for S.B. 91 with technical assistance from The Pew Charitable Trusts as part of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, a partnership between Pew and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance. The pretrial, sentencing, and corrections reforms are expected to reduce the number of inmates by 13 percent. The state estimates that the law will yield savings of $380 million, and it plans to invest nearly $100 million of that in victims’ services and evidence-based prison alternatives. 

Practitioner Guide to SB 91 - Alaska Criminal Justice Commission 2016

This is a practitioner guide to Alaska's Senate Bill 91. Governor Walker, Senate President Meyer, Speaker Chenault, and former Chief Justice Fabe directed the Commission to conduct a comprehensive review of Alaska’s criminal justice system and develop recommendations for legislative and budgetary changes. Beginning in the summer of 2015 and extending through the end of the calendar year, the commission conducted a rigorous review of Alaska’s pretrial, sentencing, and corrections data, policies, and programs, as well as best practices and models from other states. In December of 2015, the Commission issued 21 consensus recommendations to reduce recidivism and corrections spending in Alaska. The recommendations were drafted into legislation and introduced as Senate Bill 91. After vetting by five legislative committees in over fifty public committee hearings, the Legislature passed S.B. 91 by a two-thirds majority in both chambers with a 16-2 vote in the Senate, a 28-10 vote in the House, and a 14-5 Senate concurrence vote. Governor Walker signed S.B. 91 into law on July 11, 2016.  

Alaska Criminal Justice Commission- Annual Report - ACJC 2017

This report discusses the early results of SB 91 as well as some key trends following passage. Additional details on implementation and reinvestment efforts, as well as recommendations to the Legislature for future system improvements, are included in the full Alaska Criminal Justice Commission report. 


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