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BftS: Policing Black Bodies 

06-18-2020 12:24

Remember back in 2019 when we had to reschedule PI-Con because of a "bomb cyclone"? Yeah, good times.

In the run-up to the rescheduled event, we dropped several "PI-Crumbs," conversations with speakers at PI-Con as a warm-up to the main event. Our conversation with Angela Hattery and Earl Smith, authors of Policing Black Bodies, is particularly relevant now, so it's this week's Back from the Stacks feature. Frustrated by the lack of nuanced coverage of police shootings of Black men, Hattery and Smith wrote this book to go beyond individual cases of brutality to a look at the myriad and systemic ways that Black people are regulated and controlled in and through schools and the criminal legal system. In a starred review, Library Journal called Policing Black Bodies, "Well documented, passionately argued, and engagingly written, this powerful analysis of systematic racism describes how society supports white, male, patriarchal, heterosexual privilege while oppressing marginalized peoples...An essential work that advances an acute awareness of our responsibility to make society equitable for all."

Note: Angela Hattery and Earl Smith have moved to the University of Delaware since this recording. You can also find more about their work at their website,

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