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Do the Math: Money Bail Doesn't Add Up for San Francisco - The Financial Justice Project San Francisco 2017 

12-05-2017 11:26

This paper examines San Francisco's local system of bail, its shortcomings, and puts forward a range of short, medium, and long-term reforms. These recommendations grew out the work of the San Francisco Fines and Fees Task Force, which was convened by the Board of Supervisors to assess and reform how fines, fees, tickets and financial penalties impact low-income San Franciscans and communities of color. The Financial Justice Project leads the Fines and Fees Task Force and coordinated a consensus building discussion to conduct this analysis and develop these recommendation, in collaboration with individuals from many city and county departments and community organizations. The analysis and recommendations put forward in this paper were developed in partnership with the San Francisco Sheriff, City Attorney, District Attorney and Public Defender.

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