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National Association of Counties Interim Policy Resolution on Pretrial Bail Reform (March 2019) 

03-21-2019 10:32

On March 4, the NACo Board of Directors approved an interim policy resolution on pretrial bail reform at NACo’s Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. This interim policy resolution will supplement existing NACo policy until NACo’s 2019 Annual Conference, at which point all policy resolutions expire and must be renewed. NACo’s 2019 Annual Conference will be held July 12-15 in Clark County/Las Vegas, Nev.

Resolution on Pretrial Bail Reform Issue: Reforming bail to reduce disparities in the pretrial justice system.

Adopted Policy: The National Association of Counties (NACo) urges support for a nationwide effort to 8 make communities safer and ensure better outcomes for all by applying common sense solutions to widespread pretrial justice challenges. The goals are to: 1) help counties reduce unnecessary arrests by expanding the use of alternatives such as citations or summons, 2) replace money bail with non-financial, less restrictive conditions, and restrict detention to only the most serious offenses in which, after a rigorous process, a court determines that no condition or combination of condition can reasonably assure appearance in court and public safety, and 3) reduce disparities within the pretrial justice system. NACo urges the federal government to support county efforts to explore disparity reduction in the pre-trial justice system through funding and technical assistance, including data collection and studies to identify successful reform solutions.

Adopted | March 4, 2019

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