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Pretrial Assessment of Greene County, Ohio - GCCCJ 2021 

10-18-2021 11:10 AM

The Greene County Coalition for Compassionate Justice (GCCCJ) was originally founded to oppose the creation of a 500-bed jail. After the proposal was defeated in early 2020, the coalition recognized that harms from pretrial detention still existed, whether or not a new jail was built, and consequently responded to a request for letters of interest from the Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI) in late 2020, seeking communities in Ohio who wished to receive support to pursue a local vision for pretrial justice. 

After accepting an invitation from PJI, GCCCJ worked throughout 2021 to develop a three-part vision of pretrial justice: a reduced jail population; supports for people who have mental health or substance use needs; and collaboration between community members and county officials to better understand how pretrial decisions are made and to create a system that promotes safety for all. As part of this work, GCCCJ also interviewed community members to better understand the community's racial history and its influence on current practices, and held community conversations with citizens who have been impacted by the justice system to raise up the voices that are often overlooked in these conversations. These endeavors complemented the coalition's longer-standing commitment to identify alternative evidence-based approaches to criminal legal system involvement with both improved outcomes for community safety and health, as well as financial savings for taxpayers.

This document contains multiple components, reflecting the results of this work. That includes:

  • A report from PJI, discussing the state of pretrial justice in Greene County;
  • Highlights from interviews discussing the history of Greene County through a racial lens, featuring citizens from Wilberforce, Xenia, Yellow Springs and Fairborn; and
  • A summary of community conversations held during the spring and summer of 2021.

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