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Racial Disparities in the Massachusetts Criminal System - Harvard Law School 2020 

09-10-2020 11:42

From the report:

People of color are drastically overrepresented in Massachusetts state prisons. According to the Massachusetts Sentencing Commission’s analysis of 2014 data, the Commonwealth significantly outpaced national race and ethnicity disparity rates in incarceration, imprisoning Black people at a rate 7.9 times that of White people and Latinx people at 4.9 times that of White people.

This report explores the factors that lead to persistent racial disparities in the Massachusetts criminal system by leveraging detailed administrative data from several agencies, including the Massachusetts Trial Court, the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, and the Department of Correction. These data provide a useful, if incomplete, window into several different stages of the criminal system from charging and bail to adjudication and sentencing.

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