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Randomized Control Trial Evaluation of the Implementation of the PSA-DMF System in Dane County, WI - A2JLab 2020 

10-12-2020 13:07

The A2J Lab, a research lab run by Harvard Law School, released an interim report on the Public Safety Assessment-Decision Making Framework (PSA-DMF) in Dane County, Wisconsin. While possessing limited data, authors of the report said there is some evidence that providing the PSA-DMF printout to the judicial officer caused a change in the officer’s decision; for people considered low risk, the judicial officer was less likely to require cash bail, or bail in a lower amount. People considered high risk were less likely to be offered signature bonds (personal recognizance bond). There were no statistically significant differences between the treated (using PSA-DMF) and control group with regard to measures of racial fairness, number of pretrial incarceration days, or rates of nonappearance or new crimes. 

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