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Support for Pretrial Justice Reform: African-American Poll 2018 

10-30-2018 19:08

A poll commissioned by the Pretrial Justice Institute in partnership with the National Urban League shows that African-American voters think there should be fewer arrests for some offenses, more support services in the community, and a system focused on public safety—not on ability to pay money bond.


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African American Voters Want Commonsense Approach to Pret...pdf   336K   1 version
Uploaded - 10-30-2018
African-American Voters Want a Fair and Commonsense Approach to Pretrial Justice : This is a report on the results and what this means for African-Americans Americans. Voters want change, specifically voters want to reduce arrests, restrict detention, replace money bail, and raise equity.
pdf file
National Poll Preview - African American Voters Want Comm...pdf   217K   1 version
Uploaded - 10-30-2018
National Polling Preview African-American Voters Want Commonsense Pretrial Reform : This is a one-page summary of the top poll findings.

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