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What's Happening in Pretrial Justice, formerly Where Pretrial Improvements Are Happening 

03-01-2017 13:39

Updated October 2019

Changes to pretrial justice systems are happening across the United States—at state, county, and local levels. Some jurisdictions active in this work have been leaders in pretrial justice for decades; others are just beginning to see the benefits of adopting evidence-based methods that are safer, fairer, and more effective. Leaders in pretrial justice reform include governors, judges, legislators, prosecutors, defenders and community members. What's Happening in Pretrial Justice is a quarterly look at these changes nationwide. The report is cumulative for the calendar year, except highlighted programs and jurisdictions may change each quarter.

Q1 - January, February, March
Q2 - April, May, June
Q3 - July, August, September
Q4 - October, November, December

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