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Who Pays- The True Cost of Incarceration on Families - deVuono-powell, Schweidler, Walters, & Zohrabi 2015 

12-07-2017 12:19

Findings delivered in this report illuminate the significant challenges the criminal justice system imposes on individuals, families, and communities in meeting basic needs, building economic stability, maintaining relationships, and sustaining health and well-being—both before and after sentencing. Each section includes relevant research on the impacts of incarceration, as well as highlights key findings from the research, which explores these impacts through a gender and family lens. Personal stories from community researchers and respondents are included throughout to capture the intersecting nature of these impacts and their human cost. The report concludes with recommendations for policy changes that focus on ways to reduce mass incarceration and recidivism, support reentry, and ensure family stability so that we can break cycles of poverty and incarceration in our most vulnerable families and communities.


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